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If you’re feeling called to unlock your spiritual potential, deepen your relationship with God, and discover your divine purpose, our Prophetic Coaching is the guiding light you’ve been searching for. We invite you to take the first step on this transformative journey by completing the form below. Share with us your aspirations, challenges, and the areas of your life where you seek divine insight and growth. This is your opportunity to connect on a deeper level with your spiritual gifts and callings under the mentorship of Danny and Shara. Let us walk alongside you as you step into the fullness of your God-given destiny. Fill out the form today, and embark on a journey of spiritual discovery and personal fulfillment like never before.

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Your generous “Love Offerings” and donations are the lifeline that supports the heart and soul of our ministry, enabling Danny and Shara to continue their divine mission. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your contributions are not only a blessing to us but also offer you tax-deductible benefits. Each donation fuels our ability to spread the transformative love of Jesus and the healing power of the Holy Spirit to those in need. Please consider supporting At His Feet International Ministries with a donation today; your generosity is what allows us to exist and make a difference in the lives of many. Together, we can continue to share God’s love and light with the world.

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Invite Danny and Shara Vithoulkas, the passionate founders of At His Feet International Ministries, to bring a message of divine love and healing to your next event. Their profound insights and prophetic ministry will inspire attendees, transforming hearts and minds through the powerful love of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.