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Welcome to the Media page of At His Feet International Ministries, your digital destination for a wealth of spiritual enrichment. Led by Danny and Shara Vithoulkas, our ministry extends its message of hope, healing, and the profound love of Jesus Christ through a diverse array of digital media. From soul-stirring sermons to an inspiring gallery and a unique film collection, each piece of content is crafted to deepen your faith and guide you closer to God.

Films and Media That Speak to the Soul

Inspirational Gallery: Witness Faith in Action

Our gallery is a vibrant collection of photographs capturing moments of worship, community, and divine encounters. These images tell stories of faith in action, reminding us of the powerful work God does through and around us.

A Visual Testament to God's Love

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Your generous “Love Offerings” and donations are the lifeline that supports the heart and soul of our ministry, enabling Danny and Shara to continue their divine mission. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your contributions are not only a blessing to us but also offer you tax-deductible benefits. Each donation fuels our ability to spread the transformative love of Jesus and the healing power of the Holy Spirit to those in need. Please consider supporting At His Feet International Ministries with a donation today; your generosity is what allows us to exist and make a difference in the lives of many. Together, we can continue to share God’s love and light with the world.

Resources that Foster Faith

Step into our unique collection, featuring stories, sermons, and clips that inspire and challenge. Each thoughtfully selected to resonate with viewers, offering insights into the human experience with God at the center. Experience narratives that uplift and educate, drawing you closer to the divine.

Explore Visual Journeys of Spirituality

At His Feet International Ministries is committed to providing you with media that not only entertains but also empowers and educates. Danny and Shara Vithoulkas believe in using every available platform to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, ensuring that you have access to content that nurtures your faith wherever you are. Explore our Media page today and let each piece of content inspire you to grow in love, faith, and understanding of God’s word.

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Invite Danny and Shara Vithoulkas, the passionate founders of At His Feet International Ministries, to bring a message of divine love and healing to your next event. Their profound insights and prophetic ministry will inspire attendees, transforming hearts and minds through the powerful love of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.